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NBN Ready and Compatible Phone Systems  Low Cost Panasonic VoIP phone systems. Sydney and Australia wide system solutions since 1988.

Panasonic Phone System Proven Reliability Technology  Guarantees 3 Year Warranty.

We understand that communication is critical to the daily operation for Business Office and Home phone systems.  Offering Customer service with solutions is our main focus for your communications operation. Our service is geared toward small business to medium businesses and that means we are cost effective and efficient. When you need us most we will be there on time and with the right Customer Designed solutions.

We specialise in Panasonic VoIP SIP IP and Digital Telephone Systems, Voicemail, DECT Cordless systems, SIP IP & Digital phones, Headsets and Conference Sound Stations. Offering many add on communications products options and services. Customer designed and programmed for your requirements, user friendly operation with ongoing customer support and maintenance. With a focus Businesses Office and Home phone systems. Nursing Homes and Healthcare Facilities. Nurse Call Integration Solutions. Offering NBN Ready Phone Systems.

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Authorised Panasonic Phone System Dealer With 31 years experience for Small, Medium  & Large Business, Office , Industrial, Factory, Nursing Homes, Healthcare, Commercial environments.We are an authorised VoIP SIP IP and Digital Telephone Systems Dealer, with Panasonic and have been since 1988 Offering Cost Effective Panasonic Solutions with pathways for ever changing communication technologies. Networked phone system solutions.VPN and Modem remote support.

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