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Panasonic Indoor and Outdoor Home Alert Security Kit Mobile & Tablet App

Free Alerts – Camera – Audio – Monitoring

Panasonic Home Alert Kit & Home Network System

Product information

The Panasonic home monitoring and control kit provides all the devices you need to control, monitor and secure no matter where you are. Using your Smart device as a remote control, set up and operation is easy. All the components are networked through an app so triggered sensors can send alerts as well as setting off the kit’s siren. This all-new kit adds a Weatherproof Outdoor Camera into the mix, so you’ll keep track on what’s going on inside and outside of your home.

Long range
Each component of the system will be able to communicate with each other, via the Smart Home Hub, across a range of 300 metres. This means that no matter how big your home or garden is, you’ll be able to control it too.

Wireless communication
Using a DECT Ultra low Energy (ULE) wireless standard, the Panasonic Smart Home devices will be able to communicate with each other. This makes it super safe because it is invisible to regular consumer products. And it offers a stable, interference free, superior range.
Control of the components is wireless too thanks to the Smart Home app. Simply download (for free) to your iOS or Android device.

Easy setup
Working wirelessly, the Smart Home system is easy to set up; connect the Hub to your network, download the control app and pair each device to the hub. Even pairing is simple. With ‘One-Push’ pairing you can just press one button on each device and one button the hub. Devices can also be registered via the app on the Smart devices.

What’s included in the kit?

  • Smart Hub: sitting at the heart of the Smart Home system, the Hub can connect to all of the components. It can be set up through ‘One-Push’ pairing and can communicate across a 300 metre range. It can also record any footage it receives from triggered Smart Home Cameras to microSD/microSDHC cards
  • Weatherproof Outdoor Camera: Using infra-red motion sensors, a built-in microphone to send and receive audio and crisp colour recording, you’ll keep a keen eye on the outside of your home. It’s weatherproof too, so it can take anything British weather can throw at it.
  • Door & window sensors: these connect wirelessly to other devices via the Hub to send an alert to your Smartphone or trigger a loud siren alarm
  • Indoor camera: sends alerts to your Smart device through its motion, temperature and sound sensors in specified areas. A built-in speaker lets you talk directly to anyone in earshot too
  • Smart Plug: use your Smartphone to control your home’s electrical devices no matter where you are
  • Constant Contact offers and Supports the Panasonic KX-HN6031 Home Alert Kit

Additional Panasonic Smart Home products can be added to the system so it can adapt to your future requirements


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