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Centralized multi-site web based telephony and unified communication platform. Reliable Uptime with built-in back-up solution. Highly flexible deployment options with VoIP, digital and SIP. Wide range of application support. Two-year standard warranty.


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The benefits of SIP communications are especially compelling today: the reduced hardware costs and simplicity of routing your company’s calls over the Internet can mean huge savings on your monthly telephone bill. Add this to the reputation of Panasonic technology and a myriad of interoperability tested service providers, 2talk Low Cost Call Plans and it’s clear that Panasonic SIP phones for cloud communications are the ideal business office and home phone systems communications

Panasonic Cordless Cloud VoIP Phone System

Home Office Phone VoIP Phone System Small Office Phone System Easy to install and manage, Panasonic’s new KX-TGP600 SIP cordless phone system is the ideal solution for businesses looking to reap the benefits of cloud communications. Included with the KX-TGP600 is the KX-TPA60 standard cordless phone, and the system is expandable with any combination of up to a total of eight Panasonic cordless or desktop DECT phones including the KX-TPA65, KX-UDT121 or KX-UDT13

Panasonic SIP Cloud Telephones

Advanced SIP phones are enabling more businesses of all sizes to communicate and collaborate in ways that enhance productivity and deliver results. Designed to suit business buyers who demand the right features, functionality and value their businesses require, the KX-HDV series phones feature high-definition audio, wideband full duplex speakerphone, dual LAN ports and support for Power over Ethernet (PoE).

For worry-free operation, feature-rich interfaces and high performance, count on Panasonic for SIP phones that let you get more done, faster and easier, with a compelling ROI. You’ll also benefit from our long-standing collaborative relationships with our service with  2talk Cloud Features — delivering seamless interoperability across the network Sydney and Australia wide for Networked Business Communications

Our advanced IP phones provide businesses with unmatched communication performance, options and flexibility. Featuring wideband HD audio to produce true “in person” quality sound, up to 2 Gigabit Ethernet, Power Over Ethernet (PoE) connections and a remarkably easy interface to deliver maximum performance.

In fact, with quick and easy access to a host of powerful, supportive features and applications, Panasonic IP phones offer an unprecedented range of options to suit your business needs. Take your communication to the next dimension with IP phones from Panasonic. We’ve earned a reputation for engineering the best audio performance in the world for businesses just like yours.

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