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I Line for $10 per month inc.

2 Lines for $20 per month inc.

5 Lines for $40 per month inc.

10 Lines for $80 per month inc.

20 Lines for $160 per month inc.

50 Lines for $320 per month inc.

Direct Numbers for $2.50 each Chose how many you need 1 to 100

1800 Numbers

1300 Numbers

Fax Mail Service

Add a System Mobile Call Plan for calling Mobile Phones

250 Mobile calls per month @ $40 inc

500 Mobile calls per month @ $75 inc

1000 Mobile calls per month @ $140 inc.

2500 Mobile calls per month @ $325 inc.

Information About the Cloud 40 Service 5 SIP Trunks ONLY $40inc per/month

Service Description

2talk Cloud Voice is a Voice over IP (VoIP) service delivered onto your IP phone, IP PBX, Softphone or SIP V2 Device. Internet connectivity is not included in the cost of the 2talk Cloud Voice service. Customers must bring their own Internet.

Minimum Contract Term 1 Month

This plan is available on a month-to-month basis and there is no contracted term beyond one month. If you cancel your service before the end of a billing period 2talk will not credit you for any unused days remaining in your current billing period. There are no early termination fees.

Service Availability

2talk Cloud Voice requires a mobile and/or fixed broadband internet service. Each VoIP call requires a minimum of 100kbps of uncontested upstream and downstream bandwidth for optimal quality.

2talk Cloud Voice services can be used to call the emergency number 000, however you should not regard any VoIP service as a reliable service in an emergency, such as during a power outage. VoIP services are not recommended if you/another resident have a disability, serious illness or other life-threatening condition necessitating an uninterrupted phone line. 

Cloud PBX Features and Availability

This plan includes access to all the Cloud Voice features to enable you to use this service. Cloud Voice features are available to all customers. Features are only limited where a customer has purchased “DID Numbers”.

Pre-paid Service

Services are supplied on a prepaid basis. This includes calling, plan add-ons and number porting. Sufficient credit must be maintained on the customer account at all times to ensure there is no disruption to service.

2talk reserves the right to suspend accounts that are overdue by more than 30 days. Should the account remain overdue for more than 60-days, the service will be cancelled and all inbound numbers (DID’s) will be released. Numbers, once released, cannot be re-connected.


Payments for this service are made via credit card. Alternative arrangements to pay via direct credit into our bank are available on request. Customers will be provided with access to an online customer portal, which will allow the customer to view and manage account billing and payments including statements, payment receipts and history, service subscriptions, and usage reporting.

Billing and Usage Information

Your account is charged fixed monthly fees on the same day each month. This date is called your Bill Date and is the date your account was created, (e.g. 10 July, 21 September). You will be issued with a Statement at the end of each Bill Period that summarizes the service use along with any payments made into the account during the billing period. To access full usage information log in to your customer account via the online web portal. Your first monthly statement may include partial month charges from when the service was activated until the next billing date.

Plan Usage Information (AUD including GST)

Plan Price Per Month $40
Minimum Total Cost $40
Numbers Included 5 x Australian Regional Cloud PBX Numbers
Channels Included 5
AU Landline Included Keep Existing Phone Numbers
AU and Country Bundle Minutes Included 2000 minutes = 1000 Phone Calls Australia Wide
AU Landline Calls 1000 per/ month Australia Wide
AU Mobile Calls Add A Mobile Plan for FREE Mobile Calls
13/1300 Calls Included
International Calls To Most Countries
Call Rating Per Minute
Plan Add On’s Cloud PBX Numbers, DIDs, 1800 & 1300 Numbers, Channels

This service does not support calls to Australian Premium Rate numbers (i.e. 190x) and destinations that are in 2talk’s opinion high risk. Caller ID cannot be guaranteed to international destinations

Add A Mobile Call Plan from $40 per/month

Monthly Phone Call Costs @ $80 per/month

5 Line Hunt Group Australia Wide & Mobile Calls FREE Voicemail FREE Call Recording